Are you ready to make your vehicle look new again?? Let's get Started. Pick your package below.

(recommended every 2-3 months)

  • Pressurized pre-rinse
  • Hand wash vehicle
  • Rinse wheel wells
  • Tires and wheels degreased
  • Hand dried
  • Door jambs wiped down
  • Entire interior vacuumed (including seats)
  • Wipe dash and appropriate vinyl
  • Windows cleaned
  • Condition tires
  • All interior crevasses & vents brushed
  • Leather or cloth wiped and brushed
  • Hand applied spray wax
  • Final detail spray applied & final buff
  • High gloss tire gel applied

Cars: $129 | SUV/Trucks: $160 | XL/Van: $190

(recommended every 6 months)

  • Includes all of Full Detail Package
  • 2 stage leather treatment or upholstery shampoo
  • Floor mat extraction
  • Machine or hand wax and buffing
  • Final hand buff and sealant spray applied to paint

Cars: $199 | SUV/Trucks: $230 | XL/Van: $275

(recommended annually)

  • Includes all of Executive Package
  • Swirl mark remover or compound application to remove paint imperfections
  • Final hand buff and spray sealant for paint
  • Rain-X glass protectant applied

Cars: $299 | SUV/Trucks: $360 | XL/Van: $399

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