The Dream Detail is one unmatched & unparalleled to any detail service currently in the industry. You may like your vehicle clean, or you may care more about the health and longevity; Our Dream, is providing you with the best detailing service for your vehicle, but not just for looks, but for your investment. The Dream includes detailing the entirety of your vehicle, including headlight restoration, new added ceramic coating & application, leaving the exterior surface of your vehicle hydrophobic, which prevents & protects against debris from the environment, for up to 1 year. Contaminants fill the environment which then land on our vehicle’s surface; one may think a car wash removes these, however it does not, and can damage the paint/clear coat permanently if not taken care of properly. The Dream Detail will leave your vehicle looking better than ever, maintain health, and most of all protect your investment.

Includes: The Ultimate Detail Package + Headlight Restoration + Ceramic Coating Application + Engine Detail Cleaning + Ceiling Shampoo

Car: $600   SUV/Trucks: $645  XL/Van: $690 
We recommend this service annually 

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