Ultimate Detail

(recommended annually)

  • Includes all of Executive Package
  • Swirl mark remover or compound application to remove paint imperfections
  • Final hand buff and spray sealant for paint
  • Rain-X glass protectant applied
Cars: $330 | SUV/Trucks: $375 | XL/Van: $415

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Exterior Treatment: The Ultimate Auto Detailing in Raleigh includes a high quality pre-soak treatment that helps loosen dirt from your paint, followed by a soft pressure wash. While keeping the paint wet, each segment of your vehicle is thoroughly hand washed from top to bottom using premium soap and a gentle wash mitt. A gentle degreaser is used to remove all bugs and tar from the vehicle. Door jambs and wheel wells are cleaned carefully and meticulously. Clay-bar treatment removes any impurities from the paint, then compound is applied with a buffer to remove surface scratches. Next, a high quality non-abrasive polish is applied to the paint. This process brings back the clear coat, which is then evened out to produce a more reflective and colorful surface. This is followed by an orbital buffing with wax, to protect the paint for up to six months. Wax is carefully and methodically removed to ensure the smoothest finish. Lastly, tires are glossed with a premium rubber sealer. All work is done only by highly trained professionals.

Interior Treatment: All floor mats are removed and vacuumed along with the interior carpets. Each floor mat is then individually shampooed and spot cleaned using a non-abrasive brush. All vinyl and rubber is cleaned with a high quality cleanser that protects upholstery and resists absorption of stains. Leather is shampooed and conditioned to preserve its elasticity and combat the harmful effects of overexposure to sun. The rest of the interior gets a thorough cleaning using the highest quality cleaning products, including dash, center console, cup holder cleaning, and window cleaning. Schedule your Ultimate Auto Detail  today!