Restoration Detail

Johnson’s Mobile Detailing is the premier detailing restoration company in the Triangle area.  Most detailing companies do not offer this service. Why? Because it takes a professional with years of experience to bring these types of vehicles back to life.  Restoration details are for vehicles that have sat for years or have been through a flood, or just neglected for a long time. Our restoration detailing service focuses on the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

Recommended for

  • Vehicles that have sat untouched for a length of time (a barn, storage etc)
  • Vehicles that have been in a flood
  • Vehicles that have been outside and not maintained for an extended period of time
  • Work vehicles that have not been properly maintained
  • The family minivan/suv that kids have spilled/soiled the interior
  • Vehicles that were exposed to off-road conditions
  • Vehicles with heavy sun damage or dry rot


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